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People, passion and solutions are the strength features of O+P.

For more than 30 years we have been producing equipment for hydraulic pipelines, offering customized solutions gained from research, precision and quality. Wideness of range, development and innovation make O+P a unique, young and dynamic brand.

Manufactured in compliance with EC standards, all of our products ensure quality, innovation and safety which are results of the fact that we produce all of the mechanical components in our equipment  through our own company Sinde srl, properly set up for this purpose making it a critical piece to OP's consistent quality.

The global expansion of our sales network and the continuous growth is the result of the development based on the great attention on people, on engagement and originality which led our company to deal with different companies worldwide with success.

Change and diversity is our lifeblood eveyday. We are ready to break new grounds, guided by spirit of initiative, adventure and creativity, aiming at innovation.

Customers are invited to choose the true alternative to the few companies that have been monopolizing the market since longer.

The entrance in a new world with lot of possibilities: dynamism and prompt feedback; wide and complete range of products; precise, easy and intuitive use of the machines; training and coaching for collaborators and customers.

But mainly:

the feeling that OP is able to create with people, establishing steady and lasting relationship based on loyalty, transparency and trustfulness.

This is Enjoy the difference!