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"The International Hydraulic Safety Authority is the world leader in hydraulic safety training. Our hydraulic safety content as it relates to systems, occupational and environmental safety is the most comprehensive training available in this subject matter.
In regards to hose restraints IHSA high recommends the use of the Stopflex system!
In some jurisdictions hose whip restraints are required by law where there is risk to personnel from whipping hoses." IHSA
The energy contained within a pressure hose, in case of disconnection from the fitting, can be very dangerous to anyone or anything in its vicinity. The Stopflex retention system is designed to arrest the trajectory of the flexible hose in case of disconnection of the fitting, avoiding the dangerous “whip effect” caused by the energy released. As a matter of fact, thanks to the Stopflex system, the hose is secured to the plant by means of a cable protecting both the operators and components.
Stopflex components can be applied to all kinds of flexible hoses. A band, equipped with a rubber gasket, remains perfectly secured, simultaneously allowing the hose to swell according to the working pressure. The retaining components can be secured to nipples, to SAE flanges or other system components.
The Stopflex system, upon correct mounting, was manufactured and tested to ensure the retention of the hose up to the maximum pressure indicated in this catalogue in compliance with the following standards regulating the manufacture of hydraulic flexible hoses:
EN 853 EN 854 EN 855
EN 856 EN 857 SAE J517
Not suitable for high-pressure air and compressed gas hoses.